A Message from State Representative Matt Duffield

The highest honor I have ever known is representing the people of Pope County in the Arkansas Legislature.

It has been my privilege to serve in what was the most consequential legislative session of this century.

We took giant steps forward on education in a state known for low teacher pay and sub-standard performance. Teachers are getting a raise, moving Arkansas from one of the lowest in the nation to the highest. A new law requires that 80% of the funds allocated in the state funding formula go to classroom instruction.

We took steps to cut crime, revamping the parole system, requiring violent felons to serve their full sentence, toughening penalties, strengthening the hand of our law enforcement community, and we are expanding prison capacity to keep drug dealers and violent offenders off our streets.

We cut taxes. The business tax, to make it easier for small businesses and job creators to do what they do best—create good jobs that pay good wages. We cut the income tax on individuals, putting more money in the pockets of Arkansans.

We had other victories. Bills I sponsored or helped steer through the legislature. Vocational School Scholarships. Exempting Disabled Veterans from the sales tax. A Resolution Commemorating our Second Amendment Rights. Mental Health Awareness Week. The Newborn Safe Haven Act.

I love this job. I want to continue. Next year I will run for reelection. With your help, we will continue the fight to make Arkansas a better place to live, work and raise a family.


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